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Hi, my name is Michelle Walz and I am the founder of expatparent.   I offer services to parents, parents-to-be, and new arrivals to Switzerland.  I also lead workshops for perinatal professionals.  From Consultations, to Workshops & Groups, to Online Support, the options are diverse.  I also write blogs that cover topics relevant to expatriate parents (as the page name suggests!).  Take a look through my pages, below at the blogs, or use the search to browse through old topics.

Nyon News (Sept 2014)

vivreanyonaoutEarlier this year, the City of Nyon published its information letter “Vivre a Nyon” which was distributed to all mailboxes across the city and commune of Nyon.  The major articles covered:

  • The School Project “Le Reposoir”
  • New Online Maps of Nyon
  • Extension of exposition at the Musée du Léman
  • New “Local de Quartier” in the new apartment building on Route des Tattes d’Oie 91
  • New web platform for sports clubs

Events coming up this week and later in September:

  • Awareness Week against Littering from 8-13 September 2014
  • Journées du Patrimoine on 13 & 14 September 2014
  • Inauguration of La Cote Half-Marathon on 14 September 2014 (route du Lac from Aubonne to Colovray closed all day Sunday) (Why not volunteer?)
  • Nyon Vision 2030 event at UNIglobal on 19 September 2014
  • Cirque Knie at Place Perdtemp from 19-21 September 2014
  • New “Espace Filles” starting 27 September at the Local du Quartier du Reposoir


Click on “Vivre a Nyon” to download the PDF of the information letter.

Know-it-All Passport 2015-2016

KIAP_TOCThe new edition of the Know-it-All passport, a handbook to English-Speaking Geneva, Vaud and Neighbouring France, has finally hit the shelves.  Now in its 9th iteration, the KIAP has been around now for over a decade (I personally have four copies from my 6 year stay in Switzerland, the 66h, 7th, 8th and now 9th editions) and provides chapter-by-chapter recommendations for new arrivals and veteran residents.

This year, chapters include (see image insert):

  • Your Home
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Leisure
  • Education, Courses and Work
  • Family
  • Shopping
  • Information

So why not buy a copy to put right next to your computer or in the car?

Instead of Googling or facebooking your question, just pick up the book and check the Table of Contents or the 15 page Index!  You might just find a recommendation from a fellow expatriate or from a Swiss citizen, without having to type out your question and wait for a reply.

La Rentrée | Back to School

rentree_scolaireToday is the first day back to school for children in the Canton de Vaud and the Canton de Genève.   Kids alone or kids accompanied by their parents or daycare providers are back on the roads and sidewalks en route to school.  Schools across the two cantons have slightly different start times, lunchtimes and finish times, so expect to see kids on the roads anytime between 7:45-8:35 in the mornings, between 11:15-12:30 at lunch, again between 12:45-13:45 and then finally between 14:30-16:00 (plus or minus 15 minutes!).

The new rhythm of walking to school will take a few weeks to set in, so pay extra attention to your driving and to the crossing patrols and we’ll have a safe La Rentrée.